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In Alabama, we know how hurricanes and other catastrophic events can wreak havoc on our property. To protect our homes and property from Mother Nature and other unforeseeable circumstances, we have insurance policies. After a catastrophic event, the last thing we need is to fight with our insurance carriers. However, in some situations insurance carriers dispute your claims or refuse to properly honor our policies. If this is happening to you, call a lawyer with experience in insurance bad faith disputes.

Insurance bad faith refers to situations when the insurance company looks for ways to escape its obligation to investigate a claim or pay the insured. At the Craven & Perry, PLLC, I understand the complexities of commercial insurance coverage. I have negotiated large settlements with Lloyd's of London and other surplus line carriers in many disputes and insurance bad faith claims. I strive to help my clients get a reasonable settlement offer from their insurance carrier.

Negotiations or Trial

I prepare insurance bad faith and dispute cases for trial from day one. I understand that these disputes can take years to resolve. When negotiations stall or the offer is not in your best interest, I will file a civil lawsuit and aggressively take your case to trial. My goal as your lawyer is to help you receive suitable compensation for all of your damages.

Gulf Shores Attorney Dedicated to Getting Results

Insurance policies are intricate. One setback in your insurance bad faith claim could be the proximate cause of damages. The proximate cause of your loss has to be covered in the policy. For instance, if your roof collapses after a hurricane, you need to prove that the hurricane was the sole cause of your damage.

Experts may be necessary to convince the insurance company that your damages are covered by your policy I have successfully used expert testimony to help my clients get compensation for their damages. Some examples of experts I have used include:

  • Mechanical and structural engineers - To evaluate the cause of property damages.
  • Architects - To help determine design defects.
  • Chemists - To help prove water-induced damage.
  • Epidemiologists - To evaluate long-term health effects caused by environmental damages.

Before becoming a lawyer, I was an engineer and have vast experience in power systems and electrical components. This background has been valuable in helping me evaluate property damage and insurance claims.

You Deserve Compensation

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